Episode 1 is the first episode in The Out Crowd's first season.

Brief Plot Summary Edit

Roxanne “Roxy” Roberts has moved back home to Springfield to attend the community college and teach Jazzercise classes. Her younger sister Alex Roberts is a quirky but intelligent teen, often on the community college campus for tutoring. Alex has an antagonistic relationship with Ashley “Ash” Blair, a student at the community college who is interested in the occult, convinced there is something weird about Ash. On campus is Professor Mindy Benton, an eccentric but highly intelligent chemistry professor who also tutors Alex. Reggie Reichman is a comic book store worker who occasionally goes to class at the community college and has a budding friendship with Alex over their love of comics. Zeke Bradley is a mysterious individual who appears to be a part-time VHS bootstrapper and becomes involved with the group when he helps Roxy and Alex against a street gang.

Despite some hilarious and potentially illegal misadventures led by Alex and her club, the day ends well with Roxy and Alex heading home after the club meeting ends. But in the middle of the night, Roxy finds herself embroiled in a perplexing, terrifying mystery with her younger sister Alex stuck in the middle of it all.

Detailed Plot Synopsis

Contentious Beginnings

Ashley “Ash” Blair is minding her own business and trying to learn her new oracle card deck when she finds herself ambushed by a persistent Alex Roberts, who claims that Ash is a nosferatu. A young man named Rick comes over and tries to help Ash and engages her in conversation about the future and Ash’s tarot reading of Rick’s future. Alex’s harassment escalates until her older sister Roxanne “Roxy” Roberts finds and drags her away.

On their way home, Alex reminds Roxy that she’ll need a ride to her club meeting at a friend’s house. Roxy agrees to drive Alex because their mom wouldn’t let Alex go otherwise; Alex has no other transportation available after some street bullies stole Alex’s bike. The two sisters run into the bike thieves and Roxy demands that they give Alex’s bicycle back. The gang obnoxiously demands recompense in the form of Roxy’s number and “some fun,” attracting Zeke Bradley’s attention; he tries and fails to diffuse the situation. His interference is rewarded with an all-out parking lot brawl which Alex, Roxy, and Zeke come out on top. Roxy and Alex claim their prize (Alex’s red bicycle) and in her gratitude, Alex invites Zeke to her club meeting.

Springfield Community College

Meanwhile,  Adjunct Professor of Chemistry Mindy Benton at the Springfield Community College is being reprimanded by the Dean of the Science Department after the near-literal explosion of an experiment resulted in a student completely encased by a protective foam-like substance. The Dean finishes his admonishments, only to recall that Alex, one of the high school students Mindy tutors, left him a card swathed in garlic to pass along. Mindy reads that she is invited to Alex’s club meeting because Alex feels like she’s made “a scientific breakthrough.” Before she leaves, Mindy encounters Pamela Henderson, another professor at the college, who is dismissive of how Mindy treats her students (condoning Alex’s “silly behaviour”) and of her eccentricity (implying that Mindy suffers professionally).

Eighth Inaugural Meeting of the Twilight Society (Plus Guests)

After school, Alex hangs out at a comic book store where store worker Reggie Reichman is shelving comics. She surprises him as he’s working and reminds him of her club meeting that evening. Despite not really knowing what the club meeting is about (and not even really realizing that it’s Thursday) Reggie affirms that he will go since there’s going to be pizza. By Reggie’s reaction, it’s clear that he knows Roxy from high school, despite misremembering her name as Rosy. He and Alex start talking about comics, specifically the New Mutants. It’s soon revealed that the “three douchebags” who stole Alex’s bike had also stolen Reggie’s bike months beforehand and Reggie has forgotten to retrieve it. Alex invites Reggie to grab a ride from Roxy before they leave the comic book store prior to closing. Reggie goes to the back to smoke some weed before returning (“Reggie, you smell bad”) and walking down the street to Alex’s house.

Alex rings the doorbell to her house and Roxy answers the door. Roxy eventually recognizes Reggie as a classmate from high school. Reggie asks how State School was, to which Roxy replies quickly that she’s back at the community college after getting kicked out. The three of them pile into her car, a white Acura Integra, and head over to George’s treehouse for the 8th Inaugural Meeting of the Twilight Society. Zeke arrives on foot and Professor Mindy in her hot pink Firebird; the group proceed to the backyard where Alex gives a speech about how this is all secret once they enter the treehouse and they can’t tell anybody.

The treehouse clubhouse is well stocked and has some amazing amenities… and one bound, gagged Ash. Roxy and Mindy immediately recognize her and Roxy removes her gag and bindings. Alex says she will let Ash go if only they get some of her blood first, as Alex believes she has proof that Ash is actually nosferatu; Mindy starts inspecting Ash’s eyes while Alex lays down her evidence. Zeke is intrigued by Alex’s claims and forestalls leaving the treehouse. Reggie, meanwhile, is just interested in the pizza and goes over to the snack table to eat.

Despite Ash’s protests, she is restrained by some of the young boys (including the younger Frog brother) while Mindy acquires a sample of her hair, a drop of blood, and performs various tests to scientifically prove that Ash is simply a “confused and heavily made-up young lady.” Eventually Reggie, having grabbed Alex’s pocket knife earlier during the debate on how to acquire some of Ash’s blood, cuts the zip tie binding Ash’s hands together. The group devolves into conspiracy theories about vampires.

Alex tries to keep Ash in the treehouse until sun-up to check whether or not she is harmed by sunlight. Roxy chooses to help Ash leave and removes the combination lock Alex placed on the treehouse door, the passcode being Alex’s birthday; Ash leaves via the rope ladder. Trying to prevent Ash from leaving unscathed, Alex unhooks the rope ladder and causes Ash to drop to the ground.

The commotion draws out Mrs. Michael who is aghast at what Alex has been up to; she helps Ash up and demands that everyone leave the treehouse. She seems to hold Alex is very low esteem and vows to talk to Ms. Roberts about Alex’s poor influence on George. She passes some of the blame onto Roxy and simultaneously makes judgmental comments about goth culture by not-very-subtly commenting on Ash’s “people.” Reggie, meanwhile eats pizza and absentmindedly calls for the rope ladder to be tossed back up; it was hooked up the entire time.

As it is getting late, the club members and guests disperse. Roxy drops Ash off near her house, as an apology for Alex’s kidnapping of the girl, and takes Alex home. They all (including the man himself) forget that Reggie originally bummed a ride off of Roxy to get to the club meeting. Reggie walks home after everyone has left.

The Incident

Roxy finds a note from her mom and stepdad that they’re not home; Mrs. Roberts is on a date and Mr. Roberts is out of town. Since Alex forgot to eat the pizza at the club meeting, she makes herself a peanut butter sandwich while Roxy praises her for leading her group of friends. Alex heads upstairs as Roxy eats peanut butter straight from the jar. Roxy then goes to sleep at 10:30 because she has an early morning jazzercise class to teach.

At around 1:00am in the morning, Roxy is awoken by a crash sounding from Alex’s room. When she gets to the door, the door handle is hot and she hears Alex screaming inside, “Roxy! No! Roxy!” along with the sounds of wind gusts. The lights flicker as Roxy attempts to kick down the door. The cacophony behind the door escalates with Alex’s screams until it culminates in a window breaking and the front door bursting open in the gusts. Roxy is grabbed from above and tossed down the stairs. Alex is meanwhile hurled outside and dragged across the lawn despite her best efforts to claw back to Roxy. Alex and Roxy manage to grab hands for a brief moment, but the blood from multiple cuts renders Alex’s hand too slippery and she is dragged from Roxy’s sight.

The night becomes quiet suddenly and Roxy is left surveying the destruction of her parents’ house; Roxy goes to Alex’s room and enters (the door handle cooled) to see the rampant destruction. Though Mrs. Roberts is drunk, Roxy finally gets through to her that Alex has been taken and she goes to call the police.

Two hours later the police arrive and take both Mrs. Roberts and Roxy’s statements. Roxy tells them about the door handle being hot, the wind, and Alex being dragged out of her hands. In addition to thinking that Roxy is high and possibly mistaking what happened to Alex, the police officer mentions that they have not had much luck with these kinds of cases in the past. He reiterates that they will do their best, but Roxy isn’t providing a lot of useful information.

Business Not As Usual

The next morning, Roxy goes to the comic book store to wait for Reggie to come to work so that she can talk to him about what happened to Alex. She tells him about what she heard during Alex’s kidnapping. Reggie thinks that Roxy is describing a dream and starts to mention about his dream where he was hanging out with Jim Morrison until Roxy interrupts him and says that no, Alex is actually gone. They decide to go to see Ashley and see if it was a revenge kidnapping. Reggie hilariously leaves the comic book store door unlocked because “one of the Frogs will be here in an hour or two.”

The pair go to the community college to find Ash and run into Professor Mindy and Zeke first. Though Mindy is hustling between classes when Roxy calls out, the professor is intrigued enough by the story and decides they should figure this out (“The students can really take care of themselves; they have a syllabus.”) by first talking to Ashley. Zeke, though not directly engaged in conversation, overhears and stays near the group.

Ash is meanwhile dealing her tarot cards and checking if Rick is around in her usual spot. Again Roxy tells the story of Alex’s kidnapping. Reggie questions if Ash kidnapped Alex as payback and Ash is just confused, wondering out loud if Alex went back to the treehouse. Roxy comments that she feels like she’s going crazy. Zeke, who has been nearby and selling “legitimate copies of VHSs,” cuts in and asks for the details to Alex’s kidnapping. Ash tries to read tarot cards for Alex but is inadvertently alarmist as she’s new to this tarot deck; Zeke notes that it’s not terrible (“it means a lot, but not what you’re talking about”) and insists that they take Roxy’s car to the treehouse to get Alex’s books where she put Ash’s hair and other paper scraps. Everyone squeezes into Roxy’s car and they head to the treehouse.

The Michaels don’t appear to be home when the gang arrives. Roxy leads the charge in hopping over the fence to unlatch the gates (Reggie hops the fence even after the gate is unlatched). After searching the treehouse for a little bit, the group finds a bunch of Alex’s things including the scrapbook where Alex has compiled all of her findings of things that have been going on in Springfield. Roxy finds a small stash of comic books about vampires and demons.

Within the scrapbook are various photos and scraps, including some of Rick (though they are blurry) and his black Harley motorcycle at what appear to be some typical haunts for him and his group. The group decides to start by talking to Rick in case he knows anything despite Ash’s protests that he didn’t even know Alex. Although Alex does not have a last name listed for Rick, she does note that he appears to be 27 years old, something which the group hopes will narrow down their search. There are a few other people in the picture scraps, though he pictures and notes towards the end are of Ash and any evidence corroborating that she must be a vampire.

Worlds Collide

It is about 4:00pm as the group is heading to Rick’s typical hangout. While driving they witness a strange white car with an unknown machine on the hood just pop into existence above the street. Roxy freaks out and Ash is unable to wrest control as the vehicle collides with the Integra and sends it flying.

A very tall, beefy dude with implants on his head, called Buff, steps out of the car and berates Roxy for hitting his car while pulling out a strange club out of the driver’s side of his car. He then demands that Mindy repair it because she looks like someone who should know how to fix his vehicle. Mindy is curious as to how he came from essentially nowhere but asserts that she’s no good at fixing cars. Roxy asks that he let them go because they’re trying to find her sister, and other are asking for him to alternatively calm down and back off. All this leads to Buff slamming his club on top of the hood of Roxy’s wrecked car and leaving a dent. It infuriates Reggie to the point that he goes up and shoves the man while telling him to back off.

The strange individual clips Reggie with the energy-like rings around his club and then grabs Mindy and drags her back to his vehicle, reiterating that the person who made this looks “something like [Mindy]; [they’re] all probably the same” and demands again that she fix it. Mindy reaches into her bag and pulls a vial out and uses Strange Magic. Ash, Reggie, and Zeke shrink to half size while Roxy and Mindy double in size. Mindy proceeds to half-threaten Buff with being smashed over the head unless he is more reasonable and Ash starts crawling up his leg, freaking him out a bit.

The group then fights Buff. Reggie sets Buff’s pants on fire which distracts him. Zeke manages to knock Buff to the ground allowing Roxy to grab Buff’s club and hit him in the stomach with it. Ash moves to check out the car while Buff is subdued. It’s a DeLorean. Ash doesn’t find anything of real interest other than a sports almanac detailing games from the 60s, so she scrambles back outside and attempts to stab Buff in the foot with her blade. Reggie tries to slash the DeLorean’s tires and fails after Buff scrambles away from Roxy to escape.

Buff succeeds in popping out of existence while the group argues the pros and cons of stealing his vehicle. Although beat up and dented at the front, Roxy’s car is still functional and the group piles into it. Roxy drives off to Rick’s typical hang-out location.

Appearances (Player Characters) Edit

Appearances (Non-Player Characters) Edit

  • Alex Roberts (Roxy's 15 year old sister)
  • Rick (suave individual at the community college)
  • The Three Douchebags (bicycle thieves)
  • Dean of the Science Department (at Springfield Community College)
  • Pamela Henderson (professor at Springfield Community College)
  • Jordan (Alex's friend, part of the Twilight Society)
  • The Frog Brothers (Alex's friends, comic book enthusiasts, part of the Twilight Society)
  • Portly Police Officer (Springfield Police Officer)
  • Buff (strange individual who drives a DeLorean)

Notes & trivia Edit

  • The title for the first arc was announced at the end of the episode due the arc title containing hints on the first episode's plot.