Season 1: Cry Little Sister of The Out Crowd consists of 3+ episodes. This season is currently airing on HyperRPG at 6pm PST on Mondays.

The season premiered on January 9, 2017.

Plot overview Edit

Community college students Roxy, Reggie, and Ashley team up with Professor Mindy and VHS tape bootlegger Zeke to figure out who kidnapped Roxy's quirky teenage sister Alex and why. Their inquiries take them on a journey exploring the strange side of small town Springfield.

Episodes Edit

Num Title Air Date Summary Link
1 Episode 1 Jan 9, 2017 The crew meet briefly due to Roxy's occult-researching younger sister Alex, regrouped when something goes bump in the calm of the night... YouTube
2 Episode 2 Jan 16, 2017 The crew investigates the weird occurrences in Springfield in a desperate attempt to learn what happened to Roxy's missing sister. YouTube
3 Episode 3 Jan 23, 2017 In light of their new abilities, the group continue their investigation and get into a fight with some nasty hellhounds. YouTube
4 Episode 4 Jan 30, 2017 A mysterious stranger convinces the group to follow and learn some more about their abilities. The gang also meets Ash's family. YouTube
5 Episode 5 Feb 13, 2017 YouTube

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