Ashley "Ash" Blair is a student at Springfield Community College who is interested in the occult. She is played by Terra.

Cursed with a normal name and life, Ashley insists on being referred to as “Ash” — she feels it more accurately represents her complex and intuitive nature (as well as the color of her wardrobe). Ash is a student at the local community college, reading tarot cards and counting her days until she can escape Springfield, the most boring and normal town in the world. Or so she thinks: Springfield and Ash’s life are about to become a lot more interesting as she discovers that she is actually a witch. Unbeknownst to her, Ash’s late-grandmother was a very powerful and active witch, a lifestyle that Ash’s mother refused to pick-up and has tried protecting her from. Ash will need to discover what real magic means for her and her new friends’ lives in their not-so-sleepy town.

Biography Edit

Work in progress!